Whether it was Kamara's dazzling moves or poor tackling on the part of the Packers, it's definitely worth watching again.

The New Orleans Saints fell short against the Packers in Week 3 of the NFL season, but the game was exciting down to the end—thanks in part to a monster performance from Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

Kamara had an overall great night, but his most thrilling play had to be the 52-yard catch-and-run that tied the game in the fourth quarter.

There are so many things to appreciate here, from Brees going through his progressions before swinging it out to Kamara. Then the first move from Kamara, making Packers safety Will Redmond whiff on the ankle tackle. Linebacker Ty Summers had the next shot at Kamara and the Saints running back made a subtle move to slide him off of his back.

The most impressive part of the run (outside of Kamara's incredible skillset) is the fact that Saints center Erik McCoy was step for step with Kamara in the open field. There was no player in gold and green that wanted anything to do with that type of freight train coming at them, as Kamara actually hurdled bodies and bounced off of others like a pinball before shifting his way into the endzone for the tying score.

Hopefully, the Saints find their rhythm by the time star receiver Michael Thomas returns and can bounce back to make a run.

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