Have you ever heard of an employer paying you to quit?

What would you do if your employer came to you and offered you three months of pay to quit your job? Anyone else thinking this would feel like a trap? I couldn't agree more, but that's exactly what Amazon is doing.

Of course, they're not looking to lose their entire workforce. They're looking for people to direct their attention to another part of the online shopping/home delivery service. With Amazon's focus on delivering packages faster, they need people to carry out that plan.

According to the Associated Press, Amazon will pay its employees three months of salary to start delivering packages.

In fact, they will also throw in $10,000 to help get those independent delivering businesses off the ground. Employees who are accepted into the program should have what they need to be successful, while Amazon will be closer to their goal of one-day delivery for all Prime members. Currently, this offer is available for most part-time and full-time employees, including those who work in the warehouse.

Since the independent Amazon delivery program launched last year, more than 200 businesses have been created.

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