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This open letter to our LSU Tiger football team, written by a die-hard LSU fan, gave me chills on top of my goosebumps!

My dear friend, Steve Castello, sent this to me yesterday. I always knew Steve was a well-read and creative guy, but I didn't know he could put my thoughts and feelings about our LSU Tigers on paper for me. It's like he was in my head!

While Steve is from Louisiana, he lives in Kansas now. And even though we all know it's one big Tiger Nation out there, he also has to deal with some pesky Jayhawks fans! See, we here in Louisiana, are one big loyal tiger ambush. That's right, ambush... a group of tigers bound by a mutual love of all things LSU.

I asked Steve if I could share his letter on our website and he wholeheartedly agreed. We hope you enjoy it. And, as always, GEAUX TIGERS!

The final chapter of the greatest college football ride will be written soon. It’s been a great story, written by a coach no one really wanted, a team no one really noticed, and a QB no one really knew. Together they grabbed the greatest fan base in the world, tossed them in the back of a beat-up truck, and gave them the most exhilarating, bone-jarring ride over the potholed dirt road of a football season… ever.
Ed Orgeron failed miserably at Ole Miss, and was denied the coaching job at USC because he didn’t sound refined enough. He only wound up leading LSU because Tom Herman played Joe Alleva like a kazoo.
For almost a decade, LSU was known as a good 9-3 team with a neolithic offense who terrified out-of-conference opponents and got owned by Alabama…
Joe Burrow was looked upon as maybe a more polished Zach Mettenberger. Great arm, good guy, might make a decent coach someday.
And then...
shit happened.
Maybe it’s silly that a group of young men that we don’t know, and will probably never meet, can lift us, the fans, up, and make us scream, holler, and cry because they’re good at playing football. But I don’t think it is. I think to be a fan is to take everything your team does personally, to share the joy and anguish, and to pity the puzzled who don’t get it and never will.
SO much stuff, so many great moments, so many heart-stopping, jaw-dropping moments that half the time we were still gasping for air while the LSU Fighting Tiger Football Team was already cranking out another one. And it has all led to this. This final game, this final chapter…
Know this: Win or lose, we love you guys. Win or lose, you are our Beloved Tigers. Win or lose, we thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime ride. But as fans, we must also tell you… DON’T LOSE!
Champions finish. They finish strong. Go finish. Go be what you have been all season, and those poor bastards won’t know what hit them.
We love you guys...

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