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Dear United States Postal Service, please stop playing with my emotions. I'm 100% completely addicted to Amazon and you're screwing things up for me. K? Thanks!

No, really. The post office is totally on my ish list. I do have an Amazon addiction and on top of that, my first alarm goes off at 2:20 am because I have to hit the door by 4 am to leave for work or I run behind ALL DAY LONG! So what does this have to do with the post office you might ask? That's easy. When I order my favorite energy supplement via Amazon Prime, I expect it to be here in two days. I don't think you understand. I don't do well without Spark by Advocare. Yes, the same stuff Drew Brees swears by. See, today is August 17th. I ordered a new jar of Spark on Amazon Prime August 8th. Sure, I understand the post office is short-staffed and that COVID-19 is making it challenging to keep everyone happy, healthy, and on the job. However, the package tracked just as anticipated all the way up until it made it to Shreveport... who's main office reportedly has tents full of mail in the parking lot. WTH is that?!?!?

I'm not unsympathetic to what you're going through. I know there's a lot of hub-bub right now about voting by mail and that you're dealing with a much higher volume of traffic than normal, but come on! It sure looks like everyone else managed to get my package down the road but our local guys. What gives?!?!? According to my Amazon app, if my package doesn't arrive tomorrow, they'll refund my money. I can't imagine Jeff Bezos is real happy about losing money. Fix it!!! K? Thanks!

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