The video is immensely heart warming, but the message in this video that I see is a strong reminder that the life of a single parent is not easy. Not only do you put everything before your baby, but you are doing it alone.

This video instantly made me think of my mother. My mother was a single parent through out my childhood. She raised my brother and I on her own. She made sure Heath, my brother, could get his first truck and an Xbox 360. She would go out of her way to stretch every dollar so that I could take dance classes. She  worked multiple jobs just so she wouldn't have to tell us that "no, we couldn't afford it."


National Single Parent's Day to me means sacrifice. My mother sacrificed everything for my brother and I. She sacrificed her time, money, a love life and never complained. She always made sure we had food, warm water, and a safe place to lay our head at night.

As a new adult barely knowing how make it in the real world, I consistently think about how on earth she did it. She is my hero. To my single mother and to all the single parents in the country, Happy National Single Parents' Day!

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