I love animals. One of my cats was a stray I rescued in 1999, and I got Dharma from a Pug rescue group. So when I saw this story, I was livid. No, I am still livid!

An Arizona man, Daniel Dockery, says he rescued the cat, Scruffy, from the streets. Even when he had trouble buying food for himself, he always made sure the cat ate. And in return, the cat helped him kick his heroin habit.

So when the cat was injured, he wasn't able to pay the $400 vet bill. His mother was willing to give the Humane Society clinic her credit card over the phone, but they refused.

They suggested he surrender ownership of Scruffy, they would treat the cat, then he could adopt the cat back. Sounds good, right?

The only problem is that's not what happened.

Apparently, there aren't enough resources at the clinic and only two out of three animals that came in that day could be helped. Poor Scruffy was the third.

Dockery told The Arizona Republic, "Now I've got to think about how I failed that beautiful animal. I failed her. That's so wrong. There was no reason for her not to be treated"

Stacy Pearson, a spokeswoman for the Humane Society, said it was a mistake. "The Humane Society took that cat with every intention of treating the cat and putting it in foster care. It was never intended for that cat to be euthanized"

Watch the news story below: