On Sept. 4th, 2006 the world lost a natural treasure.  While recording video footage for his wildly possible, Animal Planet show called the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin was killed by one of the animals he loved.  The show (and Irwin himself) was famous for being fearless, and would often show Steve getting really up close and personal with some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet.  On more than one occasion, he actually tried (and succeeded) to make the animals angry so that viewers would see a greater range of activity - and see Steve get bit.  By his own account, he had been bitten thousands of times and even had to have a crocodile tooth removed from his knuckle!

In the time since his passing, there has been a definite void of quality wildlife shows that get as close as the Crocodile Hunter.  A whole generation has grown up not knowing how to "really tick off" a venomous snake, or the proper way to ride a rhino!  There is good news animal lovers!  According to People Magazine, the Crocodile Hunter is headed back to Animal Planet!

The CEO for Discovery Communications, David Zaslav, announced that the entire Irwin family will be returning to Animal Planet to work on several new television projects!  That means Terri, Bindi, and Robert will be creating and starring in multiple shows that will bring the spirit of their father back for a new generation to enjoy.  Although, in many ways the family have already been working hard to continue Steve's legacy.  Bindi and Robert both host animal shows on the Discovery Kids network and have been bringing wild animals to late night talk shows for years now.

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