Usually, when you think of a power outage affecting hundreds or thousands of customers you think major incident. Well, I am sure if you're one of the 6,000 plus customers of Beauregard Electric Cooperative you're probably thinking yesterday's power outage was major enough, at least in your world.

However, the cause of that incident wasn't windstorm or weather-related. In fact, we don't think yesterday's outage was even manmade.

A spokesperson for BECi told KPLC that the company's power supplier that feeds a substation in Moss Bluff experienced the issue. All the spokesperson said was that it was "animal-related". We don't know what kind of animal or if the animal in question survived the incident.

We do know that power was restored to affected customers within several hours. Oh, and one more thing. Yesterday was Lineman Appreciation Day.

It only seems apropos that such an incident would happen on a day when we celebrate the men and women who do the "heavy lifting" when it comes to keeping the power on.

Sorry, we spoiled your special day, but at least we kept you busy right?


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