Forbes listed Ann Curry as one of the most influential women in media, so you would think that NBC would treat her with a little respect when they bounced her from the show. But this is pretty much par for the course with the Today Show. TMZ picked up the story and made she that everyone knew there was trouble in paradise.  Then, this morning, Ann Curry announced what we already knew, she was getting canned.

So what was happening behind the scenes? No one is quite clear on that, but if you check out this video, you may get a glimpse of who was being blamed for Ann Curry's ouster.

It is quite funny, Matt Lauer doesn't seem to be too pleased that Ann was cordial to other member of the show but not him. This was evident when Ann turned her head away as Matt leaned in for a kiss. He had what tell my son is a "poopy face".







What is interesting when people get let go from Today Show, it seems to be over personality conflicts. Despite the show's producers doing all they can to squelch those stories. Case in point, Jane Pauley left the Today Show in 1989 with one of the most contrived hand-offs in the show's history.

Then there was the classic rift between Bryant Gumble and and Willard Scott. Take a special note on how interested Bryant is in this clip.

At some point, people are going to catch on to the garbage and turn their back on the drama.  Want to bet that Good Morning America and CBS Morning News are licking their chops ready to pounce?

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