Anna Nicole Smith was destined for a life in the spotlight.

Born Vickie Lynn Hogan to her parents in Mexia, Texas, her humble beginnings gave way to an iconic future.

Anna Nicole became a teen bride and mom to son Daniel Smith in the '80s. She was working at Walmart before her life was sent on an entirely different trajectory when the budding star booked herself a photo shoot with Playboy in the early '90s.

That was just the start: According to People, she was named Playmate of the Year in 1993. A contract modeling with Guess and a legendary campaign for the brand followed, according to Variety.

So did a second marriage. This time, she exchanged vows with J. Howard Marshall II, a billionaire oil tycoon who was decades older than the young model.

Anna Nicole became a tabloid fixture, and the media desperately followed her life in the years following her second husband's passing.

Blessed with a stunning face and that inimitable spirit possessed by the likes of fellow bombshell Marilyn Monroe, the world watched closely as Anna Nicole fought for a cut of her late husband's wealth and struggled with money problems.

Of course, she welcomed viewers in to a degree.

Anna Nicole helped usher in the era of reality television series with the launch of her hit E! series The Anna Nicole Show in 2002. People notes the premiere was watched by 4 million viewers.

Unfortunately, Anna Nicole's life was plagued by tragedy. She gave birth to her second child — a daughter named Dannielynn Birkhead — in 2006. Days later, her eldest passed away from a drug overdose.

Months later, Anna Nicole passed away on Feb. 8, 2007. She was 39.

According to People, her death was ruled an accidental overdose.

Fifteen years later, though, Anna Nicole Smith is far from forgotten.

In February 2022, Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole's now-teenage daughter, honored the star's memory in a heartfelt Instagram post about anniversary of her passing:

Still remembering this one 15 years after her death. She was truly one of a kind. She struggled for love and acceptance. Just when she found a little piece of one or the other, life seemed to sabotage. Today, I remember your heart, your soul and your beauty, both inside and out. Your love is alive still to this day, in the form of a truly one of a kind teenager with her Mom’s smile, beauty and courage.

Anna Nicole's life will soon be revisited in a biopic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Variety also notes a Netflix documentary about the star is in the works.

Below, celebrate and remember the late Anna Nicole Smith's one-of-a-kind life with nostalgic photos of the Hollywood star.

Nostalgic Pics of Anna Nicole Smith

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