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Photo from NOAA
Photo from NOAA

Last weekend Louisiana was hit with this year's first plume of Saharan dust, but due to the cloudiness and overall weather conditions here in our area, most of us never really saw much of the effects of the storm.

However, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, in a report from Fox News, forecasters are predicting another blast of Saharan dust moving into the Texas and Louisiana coastline as early as Tuesday. From what we've gathered, this new storm won't be as thick as the first one, but could still provide those hazy, crimson colored sunsets along the coastline from Tuesday through Thursday for both states.

While we've been warned that the dust could prove to be hazardous to sensitive groups that might suffer from respiratory issues, the dust isn't all bad. In fact, it's actually causing our areas to experience a break from hurricane season.

Here's what Fox News had to say:

The dry Saharan air that's blown off the coast of Africa and filled the lower latitudes has helped put a pause on what's been an active hurricane season so far. According to NOAA, the dry, dusty air has about 50 percent less moisture than the typical tropical atmosphere, which weakens any disturbance that tries to develop.

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