It's a good time to be a football fan in Louisiana these days.

At least for the time being, football fans in our state have nothing to complain about. This certainly wasn't always the case for us LSU & Saints fans, which is probably why this feels so good. It wasn't that long ago when we were forced to watch an LSU football team without an offense on Saturdays and the 'Aints on Sundays. These days, we're getting treated to double-win weekends far more than we are not.

This weekend, the LSU Tigers made a monstrous statement in their win against the then-seventh ranked Florida Gators. To their credit, Florida kept things interesting for most of the game. but our Tigers are just a little too strong and ended up winning by two scores. The big win catapulted LSU up to #2, behind only Alabama.

The Saints, on the other hand, got their win in a very different way. They traveled down to Jacksonville to take on the Jags and Minshew Mania. It was a defensive struggle, to say the very least, with the Saints winning 13-6. It wasn't a pretty game, but a win is a win and you know we'll take it.

Here's to hoping our teams keep doing what they're doing, but as for right now, we've got no complaints.

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