As someone who grew up looking up to Disney Princess I believe that they helped mold me into an strong independent woman. Some might argue that these princesses would cause them to feel that they are just damsels that need to be rescued but I strongly disagree.

Snow White:

“When the raindrops come tumbling, remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”

She taught us to be optimistic even when we are thrown into the most horrible of situations. Her mother died at a very early age. Her step mother wanted to kill her, and she did kill her father. The only person who showed her kindness was the huntsmen and the dwarfs. She found refuge with them. 

Snow White


“Well there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

Straight from the live action and the original she teaches us to have faith and be kind. She was surrounded by people who not only told her that she wasn't worth anything and tormented her on a regular basis. They treated her like a slave, but in the end of the movie when she becomes queen she shows her evil step mother and step sisters mercy.


“What makes someone special? I suppose it all depends. It’s what's unique in each of us.”

Ariel didn't want to be stuck in the world that told her what she should be like. She wanted to be different and seek new worlds. She showed us to be open-minded and seek out our own truths in the world. 



“I want adventure in the great wide something.”

She showed us that a strong woman hold near and dear to our hearts through compassion and adventure. In a town where her father is disrespected, men only see you for your looks (gaston), and people look down on her because she reads- she rises above that. Haters will try to tear you down, but you should always stay true to yourself. She saw good in someone who was seen as evil (the beast). 


“If I do marry, I want it to be for love.”

We are taught to have self loyalty, and to be true to ourselves. She was unwilling to compromise her virtues and principles for the sake of pleasing others. She defies the wishes her father to marry for the sake of marriage rather than for love.


“You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you.”

She was righteous. She teaches young women to be willing to put yourself in other people’s shoes, and to never criticize. Don't judge a book by it's cover. 


“You’re at peace because you know it’s okay to be afraid.”

She teaches us to be brave, and that we don’t live in the absence of fear but we must choose to rise above it for the sake of others. She joins the army so that her father who is weak and disabled doesn't have to. She does this for her family. 



“There’s been trials and tribulations, you know i’ve had my share, but I’ve climbed the mountain and I’ve crossed the river and I am almost there.”

She has an unshaken since of passion. She worked hard for everything she has and wants out of life and chooses to keep pushing forward even when she is tired and also a frog.


“Let your power shine, heal what has been hurt.”

She taught us to trust even when our trust is broken by others. For example, Mother Gothel causes a false illusion that she actually loves and cares about Rapunzel and lies to her her entire life. She has to over come that to trust the other people in her life to create relationships and friendships.


She is the most perfect princess. She had all of these virtues and stayed true to herself. She knew what she wanted out of life and wouldn't let anyone make her up as a damsel in distressed. She is the ultimate princess, a force worth reckoning with, and if someone were worthy of your hand in marriage it should be your choice to follow through with that.

Jesse Grant / Stringer
Jesse Grant / Stringer

Ultimately, I love Disney Princess. I do agree that some are not the best of role models especially in the early years, but I believe that they do carry virtues that we can learn from.

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