I am not referring to being an actual grandma. I am talking about the current trend of ladies falling into "grandma-like tendencies". Apparently to some of my co-workers I am a full on twenty three year old grandma. However, I just think I am introverted and have a liking to comfy sweaters and hot tea.

Happy young couple sitting in a cafe outside on a beautiful autumn day.
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How to tell if you are a twenty something grandma:

  • You'd rather go to bed early than staying up late.
  • You can never turn down a soup and salad combo.
  • Phrases like "oh darn" or "jeepers" are in common use for you.
  • Friends look to you to bake the homemade goodies.
  • As soon as it starts raining or looking cloudy outside all you want to do is curl up with a good book and a nice cup of joe.
  • It is always just a little chilly no matter where you are or what time of the year it is.
  • You only buy the softest or fluffiest socks.
  • You've really considered growing your own herbs like basil and thyme.
  • You're idea of a night out is heading to Target.
  • Cardigans and sweaters fill your closet

Remember! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a twenty something grandma. You just like the better things in life like never leaving your home and drinking green tea.

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