When you ask someone in Louisiana who the best seafood chef is, you'll get a thousand different answers.  I have no doubt that most of those answers would lead me to a great meal, I'm asking for the best.  When you ask for one clear winner, especially when it comes to food, you're in for a delicious brawl!  The pride and reputation in the top echelon of chefs is not only well deserved, it's totally worth fighting for.  That's why the judging is best left to the experts when it comes to a spicy and butter-soaked subject such as this.

To settle this kitchen-fight, seafood chefs from across the state are being invited to the 10th annual Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off.  On June 20th, the Cajundome Convention Center in Layafette will host the annual event the very first time it has ever been held outside of New Orleans.  You hear the term "bragging rights" being thrown around a lot, but in these circles that translates into big bucks.  The best of the best can earn upward of 100K per year, and you better believe awesome chefs turn the dinner table into the negotiating table by winning titles like this.  Being called the "Best Seafood Chef in Louisiana"  is the kind of thing that gets you a raise and promotion.

If you have the pot and pan skills that pay the bills, you should give it a shot.  Registration is open until the 28th of this month.  There is a catch, according to the official Louisiana Seafood Cookoff website:

Entrants must be an executive chef for a free-standing Louisiana restaurant belonging to the Louisiana Restaurant Association"

What does the winner of this prestigious event get?  Not only will they be named King of Queen and Master of Louisiana Seafood, but they will represent the best of the best in the national competition being held in New Orleans in August.  I feel like that will be easy compared to competition against the best of the Bayou State - but someone has to show Alabama how to do it.