It's a rare experience for those who can stomach it.

This weekend, the Navy Blue Angels will be the highlight of the Defenders of Liberty Air Show in Bossier City, Louisiana. They are now for their high-in-the-sky acrobatics and tip-to-tip formations. Only the elite F/A-18 pilots are chosen to man these F/A-18s.

Of course, they can carry a passenger or two.

Two Ark-La-Tex natives had the chance to jump on board and go for the flight of a lifetime. According to, Mike Lombardino and Trey McGuire jumped at the opportunity and suited up. Mike is a Bossier Sheriff's Detective and Trey is the director of a nonprofit called the Warrior Project in the Ark-La-Tex.

The two were briefed before the flight on the ins and outs of handling g-force. From what I've been told, it's a squeezing of the thighs and deliberate breath intakes. They described their experience as indescribable and Lombardino said they hit six g's at one point.

Surprisingly neither one of them tossed their cookies!

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This brings up some great memories of when I took a ride with the Blue Angels. I had the chance to jump on board "Fat Albert", the C-130 that travels and performs with the Navy fliers. But just because it was a cargo plane does not mean their didn't fly it like an F-18. Let the records show that I, too, did not toss my cookies.


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