Is this list suggesting that we're not doing enough to even be considered?

Preserving the earth. I think it's safe to say that we all have our own opinions on how to do it, or even to do it at all. One third of the population does believe that we should be doing something to make sure the earth if taken care of for generations to come.

Welcome to the stage the battle cry of "going green."

This phrase encompasses a lot of different aspect of life, according to WalletHub. It could include clean energy, recycling, urban agriculture, overall public health, and more. Recently, WalletHub took at look at key metrics like greenhouse-gas emissions per capita, smart energy policies that are in place, and even green job opportunities to compile their list of the "Most & Least Green Cities."

The Ark-La-Tex as omitted.

Well, at least the central portion of the Ark-La-Tex was omitted. There were cities in south Louisiana and parts of Texas, but nothing noted in the area that I would classically define as the Ark-La-Tex, a.k.a. where the states rub elbows. In fact, Arkansas was completely left off of the list.

The most green city is San Francisco, California followed by San Diego and Fremont in California, Honolulu, Hawaii and San Jose, California. The first Texas city lands at number 28 (Austin) and Louisiana makes its mark at number 99 (Baton Rouge).

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