It's comforting to know Uncle Sam has top men and women working around the clock to better our fighting forces ability to do what their country calls them to do.  A small army (pun intended) of lab-coated, safety goggle-sporting geniuses are toiling day and night to make sure America's military can most certainly count technology an innovation in it's arsenal - and it seems they've done it again!

Researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have discovered a surprising new, and extremely potent power source - urine!  This potentially unlocks a number of possibilities - from battlefield deployment to spaceflight and beyond, the applications for extracting energy in the form of hydrogen fuel from urine are truly staggering.

The miracle of turning pee pee into go go gas is surprisingly simple, if you have the right materials. reports that the key ingredient here (besides the eventual product of too many beverages) is a special nano-galvanic aluminum-based powder.  Researchers developed it to separate hydrogen from oxygen in water, but it turns out it is much more effective in urine.  I'm not sure exactly how they happen to stumble across this particular discovery, but I hear those lab parties can be wild!

At the end of the day, this technology could be used to provide emergency fuel and oxygen on the small scale in extreme environments and emergencies.  On the larger scale, it could provide fuel for cars and even cities.  In addition, the oxygen released could be used for welding or even medical purposes.  It really is a golden opportunity to advance what could only be called (technically) clean energy!

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