When I interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger a few months ago, and I asked about whether we might see more TerminatorConan, and Twins movies from him, the former Governator told me he fully expected to make all three, with Twins 2 (or Triplets) coming first, followed by Terminator and Conan. A few months later, it seems like that timeline is still completely intact.

In a new interview with Kleine Zeitung (via ThePlaylist), Schwarzenegger again pegged Triplets as his next big sequel. He put the timeline at “in the fall” and also said, as has been long-rumored (but not, too my knowledge, ever officially confirmed), that Eddie Murphy would co-star with Arnold and Danny DeVito as this third part of this unique family.

Even more significantly, Schwarzenegger said he was going to shoot Terminator 6 “in March next year,” which is the first we’ve gotten a concrete timeline on that film. This statement comes after James Cameron began talking about his involvement in a new trilogy of Terminator movies, his first creative contributions to the series since Terminator 2. Cameron has also said recently he might want to explore the origins of the T-800 robot and why they all look like a very large Austrian bodybuilder. (Some sites claim that these two different statements mean Schwarzenegger is definitely playing a human and definitely not playing a Terminator; I wouldn’t be so sure that’s confirmed at this point.)

Schwarzenegger also said Conan would happen after T6. To me, that’s the project of the three with the most potential, since a movie about Conan at the end of his years seems the most dramatically rich concept, and the most resonant with the stuff Schwarzenegger’s been making lately. But you know me and Arnold; I’m not all that picky.

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