Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he fathered a child outside of his marriage to Maria Shriver, the public has been itching to know more about the woman with whom he had an affair, or at least a one night stand.  Today, multiple news outlets are reporting that 50-year-old Mildred Patricia Baena, who worked for the Schwarzeneggers for 20 of their 25 years of marriage, but quit in January, is the 10-year-old boy's biological mother.

Baena had an active MySpace page, at least when I captured this pic she did.  It's since been taken offline.  There were other photos of her and a boy believed to be her child with Schwarzenegger, although its not been made official and Arnold ain't saying nothing.  This is the only pic I could get to show you.

On her My Space page, Baena described herself as a "proud parent," and reveals that she's looking for a relationship.