Artipsy, located in the Red River District, is hosting a stilettos dance class on Saturday, May 12th. The class will start at 7 pm and go on till 8:30 pm. You will learn a choreographed routine that is fun and sexy, according to their event page on Facebook. BTW this is a 21 and up dance class.

I have been wanting to get back in dance classes for the longest time, but just haven't found the time to get back at it. Dancing has always been a way for me to relieve stress, and honestly after a tough week strapping on some high heels and whipping my hair back and forth is so necessary.

I can speak on experience that classes like this are great for a confidence boost, getting out of your comfort zone, and letting loose for a hot minute. The event that artipsy is hosting is cost $25 per person. All you have to do is bring your heels and wear something you can move in. You will want to get your spot in the class as soon as you can because space is limited.