There is a reason why Ascension Parish residents are seeing so many of these snakes.

The Blue Racer is a common Louisiana snake, but the reason they're being spotted all over Ascension Parish is the warm weather.

WBRZ caught up with Dody Braud who said his wife isn't the biggest fan of the Blue Racer.

Blue runners, yea, It's full of them around here. My wife is scared to death of them, but they aren't poisonous. I don't bother them much

It's a good thing he doesn't bother them because according to LSU veterinarian Dr. Mark Mitchell the Blue Racer snake isn't venomous, but it's highly aggressive.

They just have a bit of mean streak in them and they are one of few snakes that will chase people

No thank you! I know some people can't even stand the sight of a snake, so just imagine a snake that chases after you and tries to bite you?

The Blue Racers are out to mate during their breeding season now, so removing any piles of wood or leaves are a good way to keep them away. They also shake their tails like rattlesnakes, but don't have a rattle.

If all else fails, just run!



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