26-year-old James Hackett of Lowell, Massachusetts is free after being arrested for allegedly throwing french fries in the face of his step-daughter.Hackett and his wife were arguing inside a McDonald's. During the argument Hackett's stepdaughter, who's age was not released, made a comment that turned a pack of yummy french fries into a deadly weapon. Hackett allegedly threw a entire package of hot french fries it her face. Thankfully, the girl didn't receive any injuries.

The accused man is required to keep away from his stepdaughter as a condition of his release. He will be back in court in August, where he will plea not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon -- french fries.

I've always though that french fries could be deadly, to your heart, but not to your face. Seems a bit extreme to me, but who knows this incident could prevent a much more violent episode.

[CBS Boston]