A mom on TikTok and Instagram detailed the "worst flight experience" of her life in a viral video with more than 4 million views.

According to Maddie Castellano's video, the plane she was on with her family and two young sons was stuck with no air conditioning for two hours in 100 degree weather.

"When you're trapped on an airplane with no air conditioning for 2 hours in 100 degree weather and your baby gets heat rash from being so hot," the caption of her viral TikTok video reads.

In the clip, her baby with very flushed cheeks can be seen drinking a bottle before the camera pans to disgruntled passengers fanning themselves with papers and magazines.

The tongue-in-cheek audio choice? "I wanna go home."

Watch below:

"A one hour flight turned into a whole day event," Castellano wrote on Instagram.

Her Instagram Stories detailed how it was "100 degrees outside" in Rome when the place made "an announcement that they are waiting for someone to fix the AC."

"We wait for 45 minutes and still no updates! Enzo sweat through his shirt so we took it off to cool him," she continued, referring to her baby.

"We had been on the sealed plane for almost 2 hours!!! Enzo was so hot he got a heat rash on his legs. We tried everything to keep him cool but there was nowhere we could go," Castellano shared.

She said her husband begged the flight attendants to open the back doors of the plane so they could cool off the kids with fresh air.

Eventually, they made it off the plane and to their destination.

"There were so many babies on the flight and everyone was overheated," Castellano explained in later Instagram Stories.

She said her husband and other passengers began demanding water and answers from the flight attendants, but by then her baby son had already begun getting heat rashes from the extreme temperatures.

Luckily, the plane took off after two hours of heat and the family landed safely, but Castellano noted that it was "easily one of the worst travel experiences we've ever had."

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