The Bachelorette brought the drama Monday night (May 29), when, only two episodes in, Rachel Lindsay told one contestant to "get the f--- out" after it was revealed he may still have a current girlfriend.

The attorney confronted DeMario during group date night after a woman claiming to be his girlfriend came to warn her about his trifling ways.

"I wanted to talk you. I was watching TV last week, and I saw that the first couple of guys came out to meet you, and I saw one guy came out with an engagement ring, and up until hours before that, he had been my boyfriend of seven months," Lexi, a woman claiming to be dating DeMario, told Rachel.

"He's lied to all of us, and he's really deceived everybody here, but he literally still has the keys to my apartment," she shared, explaining that the two had never broken up and that he simply "stopped responding" to her days before he appeared on the show.

Unsurprisingly, DeMario tried to play dumb, asking, "Who's this?" as he was brought out to meet with both ladies.

"She is psycho. I met her many, many times ago. I met her a long time ago. I met her a few times, I saw her a few times, we had something," he told Rachel, motioning to Lexi, telling her that the two had previously ended things. "I then lost it with her, because she is just like what she is right now. Me and her were on again, off again, we had something. [I broke things off] face to face. I went over to her house, I talked to her."

Unfortunately for DeMario, Lexi brought the receipts: text messages on her phone, which she showed Rachel and which revealed tender, affectionate correspondence between her and DeMario from not too long ago. And that was more than enough for the Bachelorette to kick the contestant to the curb.

"DeMario... I don't want somebody who is texting somebody saying, 'Goodnight babe.' Because I'm putting myself out here, and I've sent people home who I felt genuinely wanted to be here. I have no idea why you're here right now. I believe you want to be here, I just don't think you want to be here for me" Rachel told him.

"So, let me tell you something. I'm not here to be played. I'm not here to be made a joke of, which is what I feel like you're doing right now with me, so I'm really going to need you to just get the f--- out," she added, and with that her likely lying suitor left.

However, the episode took a shocking turn when DeMario turned back up again towards the end for the cocktail party, asking to speak to Rachel outside.

As for what happens next, viewers will just have to tune back in next Monday on ABC, as the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

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