What is this Florida? Dancing leading to a breach of the law? That's not the kind of thing that happens to a "Louisiana Man", that's usually reserved for the always comical and head-scratching actions of "A Florida Man".

While this story might sound a bit whimsical at first it is actually very serious in nature. The case in question involves a case of domestic abuse. It all started in a bar in Thibodaux. That's where 34-year-old Cole Rodriguez was enjoying the evening with his girlfriend.

Patrons at the bar told police that Rodriguez and his girlfriend became involved in an argument and at some time during the altercation, the girlfriend made a comment about Rodriguez' dance moves. The comments must have been less than complimentary because the verbal altercation quickly escalated to a physical one.

According to reports, Rodriguez struck his female companion. The female responded with a few punches of her own striking and bloodying Rodriguez' mouth. Other patrons at the bar broke up the fight by the time police arrived on the scene.

If comments about dancing could lead to fisticuffs just imagine how violent karaoke night in Thibodaux must be.

Rodriguez was arrested on domestic battery charges. However, his actions in the patrol car on the way to booking earned him a few more charges. He allegedly spat an officer and was unruly in the back of the patrol unit. For those actions, Rodriguez was also charged with resisting an officer with force and battery of a police officer.

All this because his dance moves were less than spectacular.I guess all those episodes of Dancing with the Stars have made everyone a critic.

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