From one icon to another: Barbra Streisand, the star of the 1976 adaptation of A Star Is Born, just gave Lady Gaga her seal of approval.

Speaking to Extra in Malibu this week, the screen and stage legend revealed that yes, she saw Gaga and Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born film, and yes, she "loved it!"

"Of course I’ve seen it. I loved it. I think it is wonderful. She is wonderful," Streisand gushed, praising the pop-star-turned-movie-star's performance in the upcoming film, out October 5.

Streisand also added that she thinks "they are going to have a big hit."

"Bradley told me he spent months with her working to see her real self. I call her Stefani. I can’t call her Lady Gaga, but I understand why she calls herself Lady Gaga. I understand that person. I think it is great," she continued.

Gaga herself, meanwhile, is still coming to grips with the accolades she's received thus far for her portrayal in the musical drama.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio, Gaga shared, "I wouldn't say that [being onscreen] comes unnatural to me, but I'm definitely overwhelmed. It's a completely new experience and I'm very vulnerable in this film in a way that I've never been before. [Bradley] really drew that out of me...He says to me off camera, 'You know, all you got to do is trust me.'"

"At the end of the day I'm a musician, but this is a completely new experience and I'm just so humbled and grateful," the music superstar added.

Lady Gaga at 'A Star Is Born' Premiere

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