Baton Rouge first responders will once again be featured on national television.

You may recall last fall local paramedics there were featured in the A&E series "Nightwatch." That show "shed a great light" on Baton Rouge, according to Metro Councilwoman Barbara Freiberg, before the council unanimously approved more filming.

The new series is called "First Responders Live" and it will follow Baton Rouge police, fire and EMS officers. The show is set to premiere June 12 on Fox.

Baton Rouge is one of five to seven American cities that will be featured.

Now, despite the show's name, it won't truly be live. The producers will have it delayed so they can edit out the patients' sensitive medical information.

“The department of EMS is very happy to participate in this upcoming show and to work with this production company again,” EMS Executive Director Chad Guillot wrote in a statement. “They have proven to show the true nature of our city and department accurately. This project will give the public a chance to see how hard our first responders work and how our services impact the citizens of our parish.”

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