A Spanish Town, Baton Rouge resident, Travis Moore, went out for a walk in his neighborhood on Monday morning to check out the winter storm ice. While on his walk, Moore found a falcon sitting on a neighbor’s fence. At first, Moore thought it was on the hunt. It wasn’t until friends told him that the bird had fallen onto the road, that Moore realized something was definitely wrong with the falcon. After checking out the falcon closer, he realized that the poor thing was HALF-FROZEN, according to BRProud.

Moore said a fellow bird lover advised him to either hold the bird till the morning or release it before it got dark as long as it could fully function. Moore gently picked up the falcon with a towel and took it inside of his home to nurse it back to good health. Moore and his wife put the falcon in a tub and covered it in warm towels. After a while, it became alert.

Once Moore knew it could fly again later in the afternoon, he released it. Moore decided to release it near the Louisiana State Capitol because he said they see hawks and falcons around the Capitol often.

If this doesn’t warm your heart, then I don’t know what will.

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