The worst part about going on a beach vacation is going to the beach. I don't mean the part about walking to where the sand meets the surf, I am speaking mainly of the travel required to get there from here.

A lot of us in Louisiana find holiday refuge on the "Redneck Riviera". That's the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Western Florida. It's a great place for fun in the sun for sure but having to travel through Baton Rouge traffic is enough to put a dark cloud over any holiday plans.

If the Lobdell death knell isn't enough on I-10 just west of Baton Rouge weren't enough we're now hearing of weekend lane closures planned I-10 near the Mississippi state line. Both of these closures are supposed to occur just about the time you're heading to the beach this weekend.

Here's what we can tell you.

I-10 will have the eastbound right lane closed at West Pearl River from 5:30 AM to 9:30 AM on Saturday morning. They'll do the same thing to the westbound right lane on Sunday at the same location.

The LaDOTD has planned the work in such a way that the majority of the traffic flow will not be affected. However, if you're in that minority that happens to be on the roadway at the times indicated, that's why everything is moving so slowly.



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