Bella Hadid made a bold change for PAPER magazine, where she appears on the cover with her signature dark brown locks dyed platinum blonde for the publication's forthcoming Outspoken Issue.

But while consumers may think her makeover is a dramatic departure from Bella's typical look, she's actually a natural blonde.

Hadid opened up back in February about the decision she made when she as 14 to dye her hair brown, during a cover story with Allure. She said she took the plunge because it better matched her personality and also distanced her from her sister, Gigi.

"I just have a darker personality. And my sister being blonde and me being brunette, it's a good separation," she told the magazine. "I put a blonde wig on and think it would be fun to go back, but I'm happy with my hair. Blondes are so angelic. My sister can get away with anything."

Still, Hadid insists, she's not affecting any kind of false personality.

"I'm not trying to be this cool girl," she told Allure. "If you're trying to be something you're not, it's slowly going to bite you in the butt."

Had over to Paper to see their full photo shoot with and profile on Bella Hadid.

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