Christmas time is upon which means a lot of folks spend their evenings by the fire place with a glass of egg nog watching Christmas movies. Which is fine. But instead of being like EVERYONE else who spends their time watching the likes of It's A Wonderful Life, you should be different. You should watch one of the often forgotten, non traditional Christmas movies. Expand your horizons and don't watch A Christmas Story for the 1,854th time this year.

1) Bad Santa

Ok, so this is probably the most obvious movie on this list. It's non-traditional, pretty recent and funny as hell. If you haven't seen Bad Santa yet, what are you doing with your life?

2) Gremlins

A lot of people forget that Gremlins is set at Christmas time and that they were actually a Christmas invention gone awry. This movie is awesome and needs to be added into every family's rotation.

3) Die Hard

Die Hard may be the most underappreciated Christmas movie all time! The entire series of events happen when Detective John McClane flies to Los Angeles to visit his soon-to-be ex-wife and kids at Christmas. A Christmas party starts the movie. And who doesn't love 80s action movies?

4) Lethal Weapon

Another great 80s action movie set at Christmas. I guess this was a thing in the mid 80s. Anyway, Danny Glover and Mel Gibson are great. The movie is awesome. And the Christmas back drop just adds to the drama. It's great

5) Castaway

Before you say anything, yes I realize this is the most depressing movie on this list. But that doesn't make it any less awesome. Tom Hanks is enjoying a nice Christmas dinner before his plane goes down and his life goes to hell in a hand basket.  The majority of this movie plays out on an isolated island, but it is the initial Christmas scenes and holiday cheer that helps the viewer appreciate what Hanks lost.