If you've lived in northwest Louisiana for any length of time, there's no way you haven't heard of the infamous 'Barksdale Bubble!'

The Barksdale Bubble is one of the biggest conspiracies surrounding Barksdale Air Force Base. Some say, it's the result of a super secret military device that prevents weather systems from moving into the area. Of course, that's just an extension of conspiracies about big brother and the military.

Then there are others who will say that the big 'bubbles' on our local weather radars are a result of the actual radar being located in Shreveport.

I like the idea of a Barksdale Bubble protecting us from severe weather... even though it didn't stop the storm from eventually rolling in today. Heck, I guess the insane amount of precipitation we've had over the last six months is proof it doesn't exist. And then you have to ask why it didn't protect our area from other weather events? Hmmm...

Here are some screen shots I took of my Weather Channel app early this morning at 3:41 am as I was getting ready to leave for work. Regardless of where you stand, these radar images are pretty weird!

What do you think?

Barksdale Bubble

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