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The day was April 1st... the day that Murphy's Law seems to prevail, at least in my experience. Sure accidents happen, but I had been driving past this particular pole for almost seven years when I scraped the entire passenger side of my truck against it. I'm telling you, that mean pole moved ON PURPOSE!

Of course, it was pitch black out because it was 4 am, the time I normally leave the house for work. You're driving along, reaching for your breakfast sandwich think that there's not enough coffee in the world and SCREECH... The next thing you know, you've got scrapes, some of them through the paint and all the way down to the metal on four panels of the passenger side of your truck... and a nice scratch on your side mirror to boot!

And (of course) all of this happens while we're quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic. I didn't even know if body shops were open! Thank goodness for my friend Jackie Whaley reminding me about Elissa, Michelle, Chad, and the rest of the fine folks at CBS Collision! I got my truck back yesterday and it looks fantastic!

Best of all, they're great when it comes to social distancing, but still, give great customer service! I was in touch with Michelle and Chad about the status of my truck's repair the entire time it was in the shop. They even handled working with my insurance company. And they did all of this electronically, through phone calls, texts, and email. Sure, you can get a digital estimate using their website... but they also offer drive-through estimates and you don't even have to get out of your car. They use protective equipment and make sure your vehicle is clean and disinfected before delivery. They offer free pick up and delivery and also have sanitized rental cars on-site.

I honestly can't say enough nice things about CBS Collision. This is the second time I've used them and I have been extremely satisfied with each visit. So, if you had a pole jump out in front of you as I did, please consider CBS Collision, with locations in both Shreveport and Bossier City. Visit their website for all you need to know about their repairs and how they're working to protect their employees and customers during the pandemic. Thanks y'all!

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