Sometimes it seems that we will never get to experience an actual fall day in Louisiana, but hey, we'll take it, as long as we can whip out our gumbo pots during this time of year. Fall will technically begin tomorrow, September 22, and we are patiently waiting for hurricane season to be over, and temperatures to fall below 80.

According to a Great Smokey Mountains guide, Louisiana's peak fall foliage is at the end of October, which we hope will be on track this year. But let's be honest, it's not really 'fall' until we stop wearing flip flops and shorts. However, I saw a lot of really vivid autumn colors last weekend, and it did seem a tiny bit cooler, so we'll celebrate autumn any way we can this year.

If you're looking for a short road trip to see some beautiful fall foliage, check out some of the destinations below. Some of them are from the folks at Only in Louisiana, and some are my personal favorites. Enjoy!

Best Places to See Beautiful Fall Foliage in Louisiana

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