We've all seen those jackwagons out on the interstate. They follow way too closely, they drive well above the posted speed, they make dangerous passes, and apparently feel that the rest of us don't know how to drive. Those kinds of drivers, aggressive drivers, could soon be facing more than a traffic ticket if a bill filed in the Louisiana House becomes law.

House Bill 6 filed by Representative Samuel Jenkins would make dangerous traffic maneuvers a criminal offense. A driver would be considered in violation of the law if he or she commits at least three of the following acts behind the wheel.

1. Exceeding the posted speed limit.

2. Violating the maximum speed limit or the general speed law.

3. Failing to obey traffic control signals or devices.

4. Overtaking and passing another vehicle on the right by driving off the pavement or main traveled portion of the roadway.

5. Engaging in unsafe lane changes.

6. Following too closely.

7. Failing to yield the right of way.

8. Failing to drive within a marked lane of traffic.

9. Failing to yield to approaching traffic when approaching or entering an intersection.

10. Failing to signal when turning or stopping.

11. Failing to stop at stop signs or yield at yield signs.

12. Overtaking and passing a school bus when visual signals are in operation on the school bus.

That list was compiled and used courtesy of KLFY.com.

Under Jenkins' bill, a person found guilty of aggressive driving could face fines of up to $500 and not more than six months in jail. That's for the first offense. The defendant would also have to take a state-mandated driver training program. The penalties and fines get stiffer and steeper as multiple offenses add up.

All in all, it seems like a good idea but it also seems like most of these actions are against the law already. Seems to me this legislation is like a Garth Brooks CD. It's just a repackaging of things we already have on the books. We're just making it look a little different and calling it a different name.

Still, it would be nice to send some of these loose nuts behind the wheel before a judge for a little tightening up.

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