Bill Gates is very rich and he owns a lot of farmland across the United States.

FoxNews recently did a report on the amount of land the billionaire owns and I was shocked to see how much farmland he owns in Louisiana.

Gates reportedly owns land in 19 states, with the most from right here in Louisiana.

According to the report on FoxNews, Bill Gates owns close to 70,000 acres of land in Louisiana.

Ginger Latiolais Facebook
Ginger Latiolais Facebook

I looked into this, and the Louisiana Farm Bureau reports the same, which you can see HERE. 

So, what is Gate's ultimate plan here? Why does he own so much land across our great country?

Conspiracy Theorists say it's an attempt at a takeover or control, but who really knows?


The state of Arkansas comes in second, behind Louisiana, when it comes to the number of acres Bill Gates owns. He owns 47.927 acres to the north of us.

Here's a recent report on Gates' investment in land.


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