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The Senate will hear a bill that allow victims of domestic violence to conceal carry a weapon for up to 45 days without training. Denham Springs Rep. Valerie Hodges says the bill provides an expedited process for victims to seek concealed carry training.  "Right now the problem we are having is these concealed carry permit classes can up to 8 to 10 weeks to get in a class.", Hodges says, adding many victims feel they are in immediate danger.The proposal will be called the Brandi Trahan act, in honor of a Carlyss woman who was killed by her estranged husband.

Opposing the bill was Baton Rouge Rep. Patricia Smith, who voiced fears that untrained gun owners might let those weapons fall into the hands of children. "If this person is being abused, they might forget to put it away. They might have it on them and the children get a hold of it. That's my concern and it's happened a lot."

Hodges counters that domestic abuse victims in this situation will be extremely aware of the responsibility of having a gun even without going through training. "They feel in imminent danger and I believe that they understand, hopefully they understand the gun is dangerous."

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