Since its an election year for Louisiana Governor, there has been a lot of hate being thrown around. The Republicans are beating on Governor John Bel Edwards. Edwards is throwing shade at Republicans. It's just a mess.

But, one man who transcends political parties is Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser. Not to gush too hard, but Billy is the man. Since taking office as Lt. Governor, he's managed to increase tourism, make a lot of state parks self sustaining and make Louisiana fun again.

Is every idea Mr. Billy has a good one? No. There was that time he wanted to make the French Quarter a state park. I understand his reasoning...but it just wasn't a good idea. But, the guy has done some amazing things for this state. And I think he's done it because he's basically the living embodiment of Louisiana.

He's a fun loving, food junkie just like the rest of us. He wants everyone to eat Louisiana cuisine. He wants everyone to check out our awesome music scene. He just wants the world to take part in the never ending party that is Louisiana.

Those on the outside don't get that. Yesterday Esquire wrote an article about how Billy is a horrible guy because he was wearing Trump socks to a meeting with President Donald Trump. They see that as an endorsement of the "national embarrassment" that is the Trump Presidency. I disagree with that on MULTIPLE levels...but even beyond that,  I just see it as Billy being Billy.

Politics aside, Billy Nungesser is a fun loving guy that took the opportunity given to him to have a good time (and to promote our state). THAT IS THE LOUISIANA WAY! That is Billy's way!

So, no matter where you stand politically, just remember this one simple fact: Billy Nungesser is Louisiana and Louisiana is Billy Nungesser.

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