Geek'd Con is Shreveport's biggest comic and pop culture event, and it will return this August for the show's 5th anniversary. The event will once again be at the Shreveport Convention Center in Downtown Shreveport. This year's show will be on August 16th-18th.

This year's Geek'd Con is set to welcome two stars from the TV series The Office, Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery to Shreveport. In the series, Nunez plays the character Oscar (appropriately named) and Flannery plays Meredith.

Multiple stories have been written over the last couple of years about how many people continue to watch The Office, years after it left TV, through streaming services. The main streaming home for The Office has been Netflix. But now reports are coming out that the show will be pulled from Netflix at the end of 2020.

Even with that news, you've still got time to cram in as many episodes of The Office on Netflix as you can before Geek'd Con this August. Count how many times Oscar says "actually". Keep track off how many times Meredith gets drunk. Or see if you can put the pieces together to prove Toby is the Scranton Strangler. Whatever you need to knock out before August, get it done now!

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