Kathleen Blanco’s family wants the public to know the former governor is not as close to death as reports indicated when it was announced she was in hospice care. Advocate Reporter Tyler Bridges spoke with Blanco’s husband, Raymond Blanco, and he says his wife is still active despite her terminal cancer.

“She is at home in Lafayette, she was actually in Baton Rouge last week and spent the night at her daughter’s place,” said Bridges. “In Lafayette, she’s receiving visits from friends and family and enjoying those visits.”

Bridges says Blanco can no longer walk, but is getting around with the help of an electric wheelchair.

“Her Raymond told me she is scooting around pretty quickly and she doesn’t have a full-time nurse that kind of hospice, I think they are just trying to manage things going forward,” said Bridges.

Bridges says no one knows how many days the former governor has left, but she’s trying to live them to the fullest.

She was first diagnosed with a rare eye cancer in 2011. Blanco announced in 2017 that the cancer had returned and Bridges says it appears she’s in the final stages of her battle.

“The family has decided to stop any other kind of treatment for the cancer that has spread throughout her body,” said Bridges.

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