An old Facebook post from Blue Bell is resurfacing after several people have found that they can have their summer treat delivered. If you're wondering how you can eat your beloved ice cream without anxiety or worrying if someone licked the top before throwing it back in the cooler, Blue Bell has had the answer all along, long before the ice cream lickers.

For the past 4 years, Blue Bell has had the option of sending you your favorite ice cream. Your ice cream is delivered in a safe Blue Bell cooler with dry ice to keep your ice cream frozen. Many people ignored this possibility because they knew they could just go to the grocery store to get their fix. Many people refuse to buy ice cream from Blue Bell until they seal their packaging.

If you are a Southerner who has found themselves craving a hometown classic, just pick up the phone and place your order. Check out the list of ice creams you can order by clicking here. Maybe you're still concerned about people licking your ice cream, avoid buying at the store and buy direct.

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