Amazon Prime has released the trailer for an upcoming multi-part comedy event that takes us through the mountains of bonus footage behind Borat Subsequent MoviefilmThe special, aptly titled Borat Supplemental Reportings Retrieved from Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine, breaks up the movie's deleted scenes into three themed collections.

Watch the preview for Borat Supplemental Reportings below:

The first section, Borat: VHS Cassette of Material Deemed 'Sub-acceptable' By Kazakhstan Ministry of Censorship and Circumcision, will be a more traditional set of extended scenes from the movie. We'll also get to see moments featured in the previous trailers that didn't make it into the final cut of the film. Many of the scenes in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm had to be chopped down to fit the tidy 96-minute runtime, so this will give us a chance to see what happened after the camera cut away.

Up next is Borat’s American Lockdown, which is a 40-minute reality show segment that sees Borat hunkering down with conspiracy theorists Jim Russell and Jerry Holleman during the coronavirus pandemic. According to SlashFilm, Sacha Baron Cohen spent multiple days with these two without breaking character, which likely led to some entertaining encounters.

To wrap it all up, the last segment — Debunking Borat — is a series of six documentary shorts that aims to deconstruct the far-fetched beliefs held by Borat's roommates. A few of the titles include "Vaccine Microchip" and "China Virus", to give you an idea of what to expect.

Borat Supplemental Recordings will be available on Amazon Prime Video beginning on May 25.

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