In a move that I think we can all agree is the most fantastic decision in all of festival history, Clark McLendon is bringing a Corn Dog Festival to downtown Bossier City.  The Owner of Running Dog Sportswear is putting together the inaugural Corn Dog Busker Arts Festival slated to kick off Saturday, March 24 in the brand-new East Bank District and Plaza area in Bossier City.

If you love corn dogs like I do - you've already got reason enough to go, but there's so much more planned to honor the deep-fried cousin of the hot dog.  Among the scheduled events you'll find the corn dog-eating contest and live music, but the best part?  It's either the free corn dogs and lemonade, free admission, or the fact that it benefits Camp Rainman of Northeast Louisiana.  Camp Rainman is an awesome camp full of super cool activates for individuals with autism located in Pelican, Louisiana.

If you are worthy, perhaps you will be named King or Queen of the corn dog (yes, that's totally a thing).  Music will be provided by buskers (street performers), and the Bossier Arts Council will be laying out some pretty unique corn-dog inspired art projects as well.

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