KTAL reports that Bossier City on Tuesday approved annexing 117 acres of land near Madison Place, Sunflower Place, Plantation Trace and Plantation Estates subdivisions, which have Sunflower Road and Sunflower Boulevards for coming and going. The city council said this will come with improvements helping with the traffic in that area with all the new neighborhoods coming in.

There's also plans for a new neighborhood which over the next 15 years will add an additional 300 homes in South Bossier. Councilman Scott Irwin told KTAL "The biggest plus of this subdivision is that this will be the first real traffic relief for all of the residents in that area.  For the first time they'll be able to cut through that subdivision and get to the parkway."

With the new subdivision other plans for commercial retail are now in the talks to bring more shops and restaurants to the area.

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