A woman has been gunned down in the parking lot of Willis Knighton in Bossier City. The incident happened at about 7pm. A 65-year-old woman was killed during the incident.  The shooter is described as a 23-year-old man. In the 911 call, an officer described this as a "road rage" incident.


But the man was taken into custody. Bossier Police Spokesman Bart Cavanaugh now tells us 23-year-old Ramsey Akes has been booked on a charge of first degree murder.

Police do say there was some sort of altercation between the man and woman. She was shot several times.

An off duty Bossier City police officer was working at the hospital at the time. Another officer was on routine patrol in the parking lot when this shooting happened. Both officers jumped in to try to save the woman's life, but they were not successful.

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