The Bossier City Council is set to take a first look at approving a 2% pay raise for all city workers who are not entitled to state mandated raises.


This will cost the city just over $300 thousand dollars a year.  The ordinance will be introduced today and will have to lay over for two weeks before a final vote can be taken.

This pay increase is being proposed by Council President Don Williams, and Councilmembers David Montgomery and Jeff Darby.

This ordinance would "transfer $322,901 from budgeted operating expenditure line items to salaries and related benefits line items."

The Bossier City council is planning to vote on all of the budget issues for next year, but this pay raise is a last minute change to the agenda to provide for the pay hike for many city workers. It will not include police and firefighters who get annual pay raises from the state.

attachment-Bossier City Council

An ordinance up for preliminary consideration proposes an increase in salaries and related benefits, providing a 2% raise for City employees who are not entitled to state-mandated raises.

City leaders will trim operating costs to offset this expense. No word yet on what cuts are being made.

The Bossier City Council meets at 3:00 p.m. The meeting is also streamed on YouTube.

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