We all know the dangers of nicotine use. Whether you smoke or vape, the dangers of both are well known by the public. However, a lesser-known danger of vaping is not a long-term health issue, but an immediate risk of serious injury.

An employee of Bossier's Tubbs Hardware & Cajun Gifts had a scary experience with his vape when the device exploded in his pocket. In the video, you can see the employee speaking with someone at the desk, when suddenly sparks begin violently spraying from his front pants-pocket.

The employee is then seen grabbing the device and throwing it to the floor of Tubbs, then running away. This is far from the first instance of these nicotine vaporizers exploding, injuring people, and in some cases killing them. The vapes work by using high-powered batteries to heat a coil, which then turns a nicotine-infused liquid in to vapor.

The employee suffered third degree burns on his hands and leg, and is currently recovering from his injuries.

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