Bossier Schools are bringing their high school graduation ceremonies home to each school's respective football field.

In my humble opinion, and I may be showing my age, but that's how it should be. While I personally went to Haughton High School in Bossier Parish, I graduated in Ohio from Greenville Senior High School. And yes, our graduation ceremonies were outside at the football stadium. My college graduation from Bowling Green State University was also at the school's football stadium. There was just something about the graduation ceremony being held at the actual school. It felt more personal and 'right.' Almost like a final official goodbye, even though it wouldn't be the last time I ever sat in those stands. Maybe it's me, but I never enjoyed being ushered in and out of the Bossier Civic Center like cattle and then in later years, the CenturyLink Center.

That's why I'm excited that this year's 2020 graduating classes in Bossier Parish will get the same experience I did. Sure, their families will be social distancing, but they'll be surrounded by those near and dear. I only wish they could have had them in May instead of June because it's HOT out!  Bossier High School kicked the week of graduations off last night at their stadium and I'm sure they felt like they were melting.

Haughton High School gets to celebrate their seniors tonight, in much cooler weather I might add, at 7 pm. Parkway High School will honor their graduates tomorrow night, Thursday, June 11th at 6 pm. Benton High seniors will don their cap and gown Friday, June 12th at 7 pm and we'll wrap things up this Saturday, June 13th with Plain Dealing Academy's seniors walking the graduation stage at 10 am and Airline High School at 8 pm.

We are so proud of all of our area graduating seniors! Just know that we know it's been a rough and uncertain year for you, but we're rooting for you!

2020 Senior Salute

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