Earlier this month, two thieves made off with an undisclosed amount of money after robbing an automated ice machine in Bossier City.  The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office (BPSO) is now seeking your help in taking down these "cool" criminals.

Around midnight on August 3rd, a male and female suspect pulled up to the ice vending machine in the 5200 block of Airline Drive in North Bossier.  They were driving a fairly new white four-door Dodge Ram 1500.  The unidentified woman got out of the passenger seat and purchased a bag of ice while the man stayed in the vehicle possibly casing the area.  The woman is described as having "multiple tattoos on her left forearm and pink/purple highlighted hair."  After the purchase, the couple drive away.

A short time later, the couple return.  Once again, the woman exits the passenger side of the truck.  This time she starts breaking up the ice in the bag they had already purchased, seemingly to cause a distraction.  According to the Ark-La-Tex Homepage, that's when the driver of the vehicle walks to the machine and breaks into it - damaging the panel door.  The couple grabbed the cash, got back onto Airline drive, and disappeared into the night.

Seeing that this happened on Airline drive, and that road is never empty - authorities are hoping that someone saw something.  If you have any information on these cold-hearted burglars - don't hesitate to help put them on ice.  Call the Bossier CrimeStoppers at (318) 424-4100.

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